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Month 5 Week 2

Sunday: Remembrance
Managed to take a few photos of the guys in Number Two dress. Will now have buy my own.

Gym A.M.

Too cold in gym and could barely function. Still had a cramp in my right calf muscle.
Could not do leg exercises. Did big fun instead.

30kg = 3 x 10


Wednesday Chest

Bench Press
50kg = 1 x 10
80kg = 1 x 8
100kg= 4 + 5

Incline Bench Press
60kg = 2 x 10

Press ups
20kg = 20 +10 +10

Crossover dumbbell Flyes
10kg= 2 x 12


Squats: 60kg = 3 x 12

Superset : Skull crusher 27kg 4 x 8
w/ dumbbell curls 16kg 4 x 8

Concentration Curls 16kg = 4 x 6

Press ups: Bodyweight 40 reps

Barbell Curls: 40kg = 3 x 8

Treadmill: 3 minutes 20sec on + 10 sec off NEED MORE WORK.

Superset: Cable pushdowns 27.5 = 4 x 6
Reverse Cable Curls 27.5 = 4 x 6

Hanging leg raises = 3 x 10

Straight to Kingston.


Lord Mayor's Show.

Went back home shattered.

The Bathroom girl tried to get into X-Factor at the insistence of her mother.

She did not get through to the auditions....something about her music not to their taste.

Me'thinks, the casting person was an idiot.

Month 5 Week 1

Been finding myself continuing with 4 hours of sleep with one nap. With the weather changes, I am sleeping more.
Will continue for the next three months. Should return to 3 hours when it gets lighter.


Did not crash.  Was not able to have regular naps
PLK Remembrance.

Made a mistake. Should have allowed for a crash, since it did not occur last Sunday.
Went to sleep at 01:30 and woke up 06:30.
Did not feel so good working out.

Gym AM
Treadmill 15 mins.

Bench Press
60kg = 1 x 10
80kg = 2 x 10

Incline Press
50kg = 2 x 10

Press ups
30 reps

Gym PM:
Eskrima 2.5 hours.

Tuesday - Back

4 hours sleep = 0130 to 0530

Big Fun
30kg = 3 x 8

60kg = 4 x 10

Hanging Leg Raises
3 x 10

Wednesday - Shoulders

Sleep 0200 to 0600 hours
Cold day and needed extra warm up exercises. Gym was freezing.
10 minutes crosstrainer
15 minutes Treadmill.
Started developing a cramp on my right calf muscle. Did not enjoy the morning session.

Military Press:
40kg = 1 x 10
50kg = 2 x 10

Forward Rows
40kg = 4 x 10

Dumbbell Flyes
12kg = 3 x 10

LAteral Raise
Bar = 3 x 10

Ended up with cramps in my calf muscle. Decided not to go to the gym in the evening.


Gym AM
Went to Sauna instead.

Gym PM
Skull Crusher
27kg = 4 x 8
Dumbbell Curls
16kg = 4 x 6

Concentration Curls
16kg = 4 x 6

Press ups
20kg  50 = 20 10 10 10

Barbell Curls
40kg = 3 x 8

Rope Cable Pull Downs Reverse CAble Curls
27.5kg = 4 x 6
27.5kg = 4 x 6

Friday Chest
I was supposed to do legs, but still recovering from the cramped calf muscle.

Bench Press
60kg = 1 x 10
80kg = 1 x 8
100kg =  2 x 6

Incline Bench Press
60kg = 2 x 10

Dumbbell Crossovers
12kg = 3x 10

Hanging Leg Raises
Body weight = 3 x 10


Off to Kingston for Remembrance Sunday.

So more money is to be lent to Northern Rock. £12bn, but since it will be split into two banks, the good bank gets all the money, whilst the bad bank has to pay it back to the tax payer.

Did a Labour Minister get promised a Directorship for this scenario?

Month 4 Week 4

Season 2
Episode 2: Annoyed that they got the Invisible Woman killed and they did it off screen. I suppose being invisible is just too hard a character concept to write.
They have some different ideas, but I can see the comparisons to Torchwood and Primeval. For a bunch of super killers, Ashley and her cohorts looked stiff.

Could they not have come up with a better male character than the recycled Daniel Jackson clone?

Read more...Collapse )Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 4

I did feel that the ending was a cop out, but it did let Dichen Lachman stay on in the show.

I am seeing that Whedon is avoiding the mistakes made with Firefly. Basically Chinese culture without any Chinese people or Asians to be seen.
Dichen is of Asian descent within the main cast and we keep seeing other Asians in the background including one agent and one police officer.

Now we just need to have him learn a few things about sexual slavery.

I am seeing some similarities to his character of Inara, the companion/ courtesan. At least, in her case she supposedly chose it of her own free will.

Sierra is different, she was forced into becoming a sex slave. THere should have been a scene in which Boyd and Topher convince her that she would be safer in the Dollhouse.

Are the Dolls being shown as people who did not have direction in life and are (at heart) submissive personalities?

Knew I was going to crash so went to bed early. Time went back for the Autumn and so managed to get an extra hour for sleep. Crashed for six hours.

Eskrima practice. Should have checked to ensure tube is running. Engineering works again and had to detour.

Went with the guys for a run.
Three miles.

Then more Eskrima.

Still unsure how my Everyman pattern will be affected by the Seasonal changes. Winter time usually means more sleep for me. Will see what happens.


Rest Day. Body pulverised from Sunday.

Tuesday - Back

Squats 60kg = 3 x 12 - (Thighs -  Kicking
Dead Lifts 60kg = 4 x 10
Chin ups Bodyweight = 4 x 10

- Shoulders
Military Press 40kg = 4 x 10 - Punching, blocking.
Upright Rowing 40kg = 4 x 10 (Shoulders - blocking, sweeps and throws)
Seated Dumbbell Press 16kg = 4 x 10 (Shoulders/upperback - punching, striking and blocking motions)
Barbell Forward Raise 20kg = 4 x 10
Bent over Dumbbell Laterals 10kg = 4 x 10 ?(Shoulders/Upperback = Blocking and Backhand.

Skull Crusher 27kg = 4 x 8
Dumbbell Curls 16kg = 4 x 8

Concentration Curls 16kg = 4 x 6
Press ups 20kg = 30
Barbell Curls 40kg = 3 x 8

Rope Pull downs 27.5kg = 4 x 6
Reverse Cable Curls 27.5kg = 4 x 6


Kingston TAC

Getting ready for PLK Remembrance.

Polyphasic Everyman Month 4 Week 4

Ran Track: 2 miles
More Eskrima training.

Monday : Chest
Bench Press
60kg = 1 x10
80kg = 1 x 8
100kg = 2 x 4

Incline Bench Press
50kg = 3 x 10

Dumbbell Crossovers
10kg = 3 x 10

Tuesday: Back

60kg = 2 x 10
80kg = 2 x 10

Dead Lifts
60kg = 4 x 10

Chin ups
2 x 6

felt my shoulder blades start to ache and decided to stop.


Overslept 5 hours? Colder temperatues and shorter days. I might end up sleeping longer now.

30 minutes Treadmill

Military Press
40kg = 2 x 10
50kg = 2 x 10

Front Rows
40kg = 3 x 8

Dumbbell Flyes


Ended up going out for Indian food instead.

30 Minutes Cross Trainer - Watching Phantom Menace at the same time.

Big Fun:
30kg = 3 x 8

Bench Press - (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps - Punching, Striking)
65kg = 1 x 10
80kg = 1 x 8
90kg = 2 x 6

Incline Bench Press
60kg = 2 x 10

Crossover Dumbbells - (Chest, front of shoulders -  Backfist, Back elbow strikes)
10kg = 3 x 10

Polyphasic Everyman Month 4 Week 3

Eskrima. display in China Town.

Monday Chest
Bench Press
60kg = 1 x 10
80 kg = 1 x 8
100 kg = 5 +4 Needed a spotter. Felt weak.

Tuesday Back
Deadlifts = Did not feel so good today. Still feel weak from the injury.
60kg = 4 x 10
Chest extensions 27kg = 3 x 10
Chin ups Bodyweight = 3 x 10

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Biceps/ Triceps/ Shoulders.

Treadmill 30 minutes level 7

Saturday  =  Legs
Squats 60kg = 4 x 12
Barbell Lunges 40kg = 4 x 10

Stargate - Universe

As I have discussed with a friend.

I hope some of the annoying ones get vented out of the airlock before they meet any alien race. They're liable to embarrass the rest of humanity.

Did they have to go for the Deus Ex Machina of the friendly alien to help them find the right sort of sand?

Read more...Collapse )

Polyphasic Everyman Month 4

Had a sprained shoulder for the last two weeks. First week was bad and could not train. Second week only allowed me to train with weights twice and the same for Eskrima.

Finally managed to train properly on Sunday.
Sunday: Maintenance.
Clean and Press 40kg
Squats 40kg
Chest Pull overs 15kg
Bench Press 60kg
Good Morning 30kg
Barbell Curls 30kg

Monday: Body Pump 45 minutes

Bench Press
60kg = 1 x 8
80kg = 2 x 8
90kg = 2 x 8

Incline Bench Press
60kg = 2 x 10

Dumbbell Crossovers
10kg = 2 x 12


GI JOE: Worst Movie Ever


Just seen G.I. Joe:

Good points:
Sienna Miller in leather outft.
Rachel Nichols in leather outfit.

Bad points:
Karolin Kurkova not in leather outfit and not enough scenes.

The rest was mediocre at best.
GI JOE: Worst Movie Ever

Team America = destroying the Eiffel Tower. Does Hollywood have any knowledge of Paris? How about destroying the Louvre instead?

I'm a fan of Ray Park, but his build was wrong for Snake Eyes.

They also turned Storm Shadow into a murderer.

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